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If you are the family member or friend that has so graciously volunteered to web host a baby shower for the expecting mother, then you have most likely understood simply how costly it can become to host a shower these days,ross shower curtains,shower curtains yellow and gray,6 foot shower curtains,shower curtain extra long 72 x 78,shower curtains linen

If you are the family member or friend that has so graciously volunteered to web host a baby shower for the expecting mother, then you have most likely understood simply how costly it can become to host a shower these days. In this content, I've place collectively a list of some of my preferred exclusive baby shower games that are easy on the budget, but still a lot of fun to play.In addition, I've also included some of my favorite assets for free printable video games along with links to materials and decorations from Amazon. I love the parties in a box....they take all the guesswork out of decorating and have saved me a ton of time in the past.If you are in the age bracket where you've been attending lots of baby showers, chances are that you've run into this popular game along the way. The idea of this game is definitely for each person to think how big mommy's tummy is certainly all the way around. The host should purchase some cheap toilet paper, yarn, or string that can be utilized for the measurement. You pass the roll of toilet paper (or yarn with a scissors) around to all the guests and instruct them to rip or cut off the length that they think will measure the same as mommy's waste line. After everyone has their piece of paper or yarn, have mommy stand in the middle of the room and have each guest wrap their string around mommy's tummy. The guest that has the length of paper, string, or yarn that is closest to the right size wins the game.Buy (or borrow) about 15 small baby items such as pacifiers, baby socks, rattle, baby shampoo, etc., and place the items on a sizable tray or cookie sheet. Give each of the guests a blank piece of paper along with pen or pencil. The hostess should take the tray of items and quickly walk around to each of the guests (stopping for just a few seconds at each location so the guest can have a quick look). Then the hostess should cover the tray up or take it into a separate room. Using a timer with about two minutes, the guests should write down all the items that they saw on the tray. The guest that gets the most items on the list wins.Since this game is so popular, guests often know what's coming so here is a little twist that can get some laughs and giggles. The hostess parades around the tray just as was suggested in the above game rules. However, rather than asking the guests to write down what was on the tray. You make up a series of questions about the hostess carrying the tray (about what she was wearing). For example, was the hostess wearing earrings, what color was the hostess's shirt, how many rings was the hostess wearing, what color were the hostess's shoes, etc. The guest that paid attention to the hostess and got the most answers correct wins the game.This game is one of my all time favorites and it is a great choice for co-ed baby showers. Your guests will be rolling on the floor laughing at one another. For this game, you'll need small miniature sized baby bottles that you can buy either online or at a local retailer. If you plan to give them to Mommy after the shower, you should get BPA free bottles. You should have one bottle per guest. Give each guest a bottle and ask them to fill it with the beverage of their choice (beer, water, soda, punch). Before starting the game, make sure each guest has filled their bottle to the line. Alternatively, you can just fill all the bottles with beer or punch and then hand them out to your guests. Once each guest has a bottle, you are ready to go. The winner is the person who drinks the contents of their bottle the quickest so just yell, ready, set, go and see who wins. Be sure to have your video camera poised and ready to record this funny game.If you've ever had the pleasure of changing a baby boy's diaper, you know that it is necessary to move quickly because it is only a matter of time before he "springs a leak." This game is a great choice when mom has a bouncing little baby boy on the way. Divide your guests into teams of two giving each team a blue latex balloon filled with water (try to fill all the balloons with the same amount of water to keep the game fair), some diaper pins and a classic cloth diaper. One team member will be blindfolded and they will be tasked with putting the diaper on the balloon. The other team member must poke a hole in the top of the balloon and then direct her blind-folded partner (speaking, but no hands) to get the diaper on the balloon. The first team to successfully diaper the baby boy balloon wins the game...of course, they must finish before the balloon fully deflates.My favorite idea for a baby shower centerpiece is a baby diaper cake. If you aren't familiar with the term, it is essentially a non-edible cake that is constructed from either disposable or cloth diapers. Normally, you can add in small baby items such as booties, pacifiers, comb and brush sets, and more. It does double-duty as the centerpiece at the shower as well as your present to the expectant mother.You can either make your own diaper cake or buy one online when you search for Baby Baskets. They sell tons of diaper cakes in various themes so you should be able to find one which fits in with your theme and color scheme perfectly. The cake demonstrated to the right is their Sweet Safari Baby Diaper Cake for a girl baby shower.Yet another LOL baby shower game that is a great choice for couples showers too! Your guests will finish up with messy faces so get your video camera ready for this one. Break the guests into teams of two and give each person a huge bib (I like the big plastic bibs you can buy for a lobster party). Team members sit across from one another and they are both blindfolded. Each person has a little jar of applesauce, bananas or other tolerable baby food along with a spoon. The pair must feed applesauce to one another once you say ready, set, go. The first team to finish all the applesauce or baby food wins.To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post utilizing a customized shower curtains

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